It's a Philly Thing!

You Better believe it is

What Goes into 100% Real Philly

If you've ever wondered where this celebrated expression came from, here's what you gotta know: it's real.

Things go down in Philly that you just don't see anywhere else.

Fans climbing light poles during championship's a Philly Thing!

Strangers on the street who ask 'How ya' doin?''s a Philly Thing!

Never ever ever putting mustard on a cheesesteak's a very serious Philly Thing!

Philly's Best is one hundred percent a Philly Thing.

We're passionate about staying true to Philly culture, and the community that we grew up in - a city that was dominated by cheesesteak shops. Every block seemed to have one, and every shop had their own thing - their own way of making the cheesesteaks their own kind of delicious. Or, as has been said, 'Authentically Yolicious!'

But every shop - EVERY SHOP! - used Amoroso® Rolls, and still do. And they all served up local favorites on the side: Hank's® Sodas and Pennsylvania Dutch® Birch Beer. Potato chips from Herr's® and sweet treats from TastyKake®.

Here's the thing: These aren't just any things - these are Philly Things. They're the best Philly has to offer, and they deliver that Real Philly taste. We're proud to have them brought in from across the country and to serve them to you.

Ensuring that our guests get the best and nothing less. Yeah, that's a Philly thing, too.