Our chicken sandwiches are the real deal! Made with thinly sliced Chicken breast cooked to order and served on a genuine Amoroso steak roll right from the City of Brotherly Love. Add some extras to make it all yours!

Authentic Chicken Steaks

Plain Chicken
No cheese

Chicken & Cheese
Chicken with white American cheese

Chicken & Peppers
Chicken with sweet peppers

Chicken & Mushroom
Chicken with mushrooms

Pizza Chicken
Chicken with provolone & pizza sauce

Chicken Hoagie
Chicken & Cheese with lettuce & tomato

Philly's Best Chicken
Chicken & Cheese with sweet peppers & mushrooms

Buffalo Chicken
Chicken & Cheese with buffalo sauce

BBQ Chicken
Chicken & Cheese with BBQ sauce

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Breaded chicken filet, smothered in marinara sauce & topped with provolone cheese

Cheese Choices
American, Provolone, Wiz