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Quiz: Which Philly Cheesesteak Are You?

PB Quiz (2)Take this fun quiz to find out which Philly Cheesesteak best matches your personality! We’re asking 10 Philly-themed multiple choice questions to determine your Cheesesteak soulmate…everybody’s got one! From Pennsylvania-born singers and actors, to city landmarks and Philly food, just choose your favorite to find your perfect match.

Maybe you’re full of surprises just like our Pepperoni Cheesesteak, or you’re a no-frills kind of person…then the Original Philly’s Best Cheesesteak is for you. No matter what your personality match is, your taste buds don’t discriminate! So, they’ll be happy with any of our 18 Cheesesteaks and Chicken Cheesesteak varieties. But, only if it’s authentic Philly’s Best!

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